If you’re on the internet, someone is going to attack your website. The ABS and Swimming Australia have both learned from this experience this week, but with very different outcomes.

In the case of Swimming Australia, they had a protection plan in place that prevented their website going down during a DDoS attack. While it may have taken a few seconds longer to load pages, the site was still working despite being under attack.

Even for organisations who aren’t expecting to be attacked, it’s important to be prepared. Online attacks are becoming more common, and attackers may not even need a reason to go after an organisation online. Sometimes it’s as opportunistic as just checking to see if they left the door unlocked.

The websites that Agileware hosts for our customers are protected by CloudFlare, the same service used by Swimming Australia. If a customer’s site is attacked, we’ll be alerted and Cloudflare’s protection will kick in to keep the website running until the threat has passed. Making this level of protection available to all organisations, large and small, makes the internet a safer and more reliable place for all users.


Gandalf says "you shall not pass"

Gandalf says “you shall not pass”

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