Agileware recently launched a new website for Consumers Health Forum of Australia.

Developed using Drupal 7 and connected to CiviCRM, the website includes a range of features that will help CHF to engage with their members and stakeholders around Australia. This includes member forums, email newsletters, and a website design that helps users find interesting content.

One of the features we most enjoyed developing is the Layout content type. This content type will make it easier for website editors to create special pages for campaigns, election platforms, Budget submissions, or other unique needs. With theĀ broad range of short codes included, the website editor can create a unique page similar in structure to the home page, with an even wider range of styles available to display content, in a very short timeframe.

Making it easier for our customers to create their own unique page layouts, instead of calling on Agileware to do this for them, may seem like we’re doing ourselves out of a job. That’s something we’re quite happy to do. We would prefer to spend our time making the software running our customers’ websites easier, faster, and more secure than creating the content for them.

It means that website editors within the organisation can focus on the content and experiment with different layouts themselves. That can reduce the time between realising they need a new campaign page on the website, and the new page being published.

About the author Emma rotate

VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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