Building a WordPress website with integrated CiviCRM is now even easier and more awesome. Add a new plugin to your toolkit with the Content Views CiviCRM plugin,

The Content Views CiviCRM plugin integrates the fabulous Content Views plugin, with CiviCRM, utilising the new Data Processor extension,

The Data Processor extension makes it incredibly easy and flexible to create new data sources for Content Views, which can then be used to design the layout and presentation of CiviCRM data on your website. Find out more about the Data Processor extension,

Content Views CiviCRM also supports features included with Content Views Pro plugin, such as advanced filtering and sorting.

If you want to see the Content Views plugin in action, then watch the video below.

This work was made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants, Jaap Jansma author of the Data Processor extension, and Andrei Mondoc for the proof of concept plugin,

Thanks community!

Special thanks also to Seamus Lee for encouraging Agileware at the October 2019, Asia Pacific meet up to explore using the Data Processor extension as the data source back-end.

How do I get it?

Download, fork and contribute to the Content Views CiviCRM plugin,

Image by VGB.Studios, CC-BY-2.0
Image by VGB.Studios, CC-BY-2.0

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