Agileware are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the upcoming Government 2.0 Public Sphere Event in Canberra on June 22nd.

Government 2.0 is a rising topic of debate across the world. Trends in technology, media and public opinion have made it both more possible and more necessary for governments to reconsider what and how information is made freely available to the public.

This Public Sphere event will gather views on how creating an even more participatory form of government in Australia will improve the effectiveness of public administration, enable communities to better help themselves, promote renewed engagement in the democratic process and enhance our capacity to respond to emerging complex social, geopolitical and environmental challenges. We expect the topic and resulting event to bring together government practitioners and decision-makers, and interested parties outside of government.

What is a Public Sphere? A “Public Sphere” is a space that “…through the vehicle of public opinion it puts the state in touch with the needs of society”. This kind of engagement in public policy is a great way to represent different views and harness a broad range of expertise, particularly on topical issues of the day.

During the event, Agileware hope to have 5 minutes to speak about the new wave of multi-channel communication tools for aggregating and sharing information. With a quick case study of Drupal in Government, Funnelback and the potential uses for Zimbra in Government.

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Keep an eye out for the Agileware banner @ the event.

Agileware Banner for Government 2.0 Public Sphere Event

Agileware Banner for Government 2.0 Public Sphere Event

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