Agileware uses CloudFlare for many of our customer’s websites hosted using Agilehost.
Because of the way Agilehost integrates CloudFlare, every customer website protected using CloudFlare also provides increased protection for other customer websites that we host.

When an attack or unusual activity is detected on one of the Agileware hosted websites, the Agileware server automatically notifies CloudFlare of the offending IP addresses.
CloudFlare then blocks these IP addresses, resulting in the attack being mitigated. The attacker is unable to reach our server.

This provides instant protection for every website that Agileware hosts, even if they haven’t yet been attacked.

Here’s some examples of the impact that CloudFlare integration has had on some of the sites we host:

Threats this week - chart

Threats stopped last week on a single low-traffic website

CloudFlare also reduces the amount of bandwidth needed by serving up cached content where possible, which means cheaper website hosting for you:

Bandwidth saved

Bandwidth saved over one week on a single website.

If you’d like to talk about making your website hosting more secure and efficient, please talk to us. Or if you’re an Agilehost customer already and would like to see stats for your own website, please contact Agileware Support.

About the author Emma rotate

VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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