The first DrupalACT meeting was held at 6pm, 6th of March 2012 at AMA House in Barton.

Attendance was about 12 to 16 people, with Anton Baggerman coming all the way from Bundanoon. Anton also regularly goes to the Sydney Drupal meetings. There was good general representation from the Canberra Drupal community, which was great!

We kicked off the evening, welcomed everyone, provided an overview of the DrupalACT user group and issued a call for presentations / proposals for future meetings.

Two presentations were delivered:

  • Multi-lingual website: A case study of translating Drupal into different languages by Agileware
  • Drupal 8 Preview

Highlights for the presentations for me personally:

  • Multi-lingual websites: major understatement of effort required to verify text translations are being applied. As we found out for the Land Portal Drupal Project
  • Drupal 8 preview: the comment that Drupal 8 is now including the “Request Object” architecture which was available in Drupal 3, subsequently dropped in Drupal 4.x and is now being developed again for Drupal 8.
  • And secondly, that Drupal 8 will include core parts of the Symfony project,

After the presentations, we announced the new DrupalACT logo. Great job on the new logo!

DrupalACT logo

DrupalACT logo. Canberra Drupal user group.

There was general chit-chat after the presentations and as Anton suggested we will set aside more time for this at future meetings.

Here a few photos from the presentation on DrupalACT GooglePlus.

I would like to thank Australian Medical Association (AMA) and specifically Michael Manning and Josh for making the conference facilities available to the group.

If you would like to follow DrupalACT and come along to future meetings then I recommend you:
– Keep an eye out for DrupalACT posts on
– Circle the DrupalACT user on GooglePlus
– Or join the DrupalACT user group on Facebook

The next DrupalACT meeting will be held at 6pm, 3rd of April 2012 at AMA House in Barton.

Look forward to seeing you at the next DrupalACT meeting!

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