We have new Drupal and CiviCRM Support and Updates subscription services for customers who rarely need support, but still want the protection of regular security updates and the ability to call for help if needed.

The Essentials package includes 2 hours per month of support time – enough for the occasional problem to be solved or staff member to be trained. Moving to Essentials can save over $1,000 over 6 months (ex GST) compared to paying by the hour. It also includes 1 hour per month for applying software updates – security patches and bug fixes released by Drupal and CiviCRM. The monthly subscription cost is half the price of our regular CiviCRM and Drupal support subscriptions.

There is a higher risk of excess usage charges for complex support issues, or if software updates require more time than the average to install or post-install fix. For this reason, there are some complex websites that we wouldn’t recommend moving to Essentials. But if you are an Essentials subscriber, you can purchase an additional 8 hour service pack as needed.

Keeping your website and CRM running smoothly is very much like looking after your car. Regular servicing and safety checks can save you a lot of time and money on major repairs or upgrades down the track. Agileware’s subscription service is a bit like fixed price servicing on your new car – it makes budgeting easier, with no hidden costs or unexpected invoices for regular maintenance

Agileware’s subscription services are also a way to disrupt the break-fix mentality in the IT industry. For our customers on subscription, it’s in our interests to keep your website humming so we don’t have to spend hours fixing things that could have been prevented. Without a subscription service, every phone call from a customer would be an opportunity to send you an invoice. We’re in the business of helping your organisation do its best work, so we want to help you reduce your costs and improve your online presence. Subscription services are part of our plan to make the IT support industry better for everyone.

Contact us if you think Essentials might be the plan for you.

* all prices quoted ex GST.

Image by James Whatley, CCBY-2.0

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VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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