Agileware are sponsoring the third Startup Camp Canberra being held at University of Canberra, 4th to 6th May 2012.

For the event, Agileware provided free website hosting accounts for each startup team, to build out or launch their great startup idea!

Experiencing the thrill of launching a web business and learning-by-doing are the purpose of Start-Up Camp Canberra. Over the course of a single weekend, teams will be formed, brain storms will result in idea tsunamis, business strategies developed, code written and (hopefully) a web application launched to the world. On the Sunday, your team gets to present its business to the world at a special media launch event and get critiqued by actual web technology investors (even some wizened old characters who actually experienced the last tech boom!).

Read more @ and follow the Twitter feed at!/CanberraInnov8s

Startup Camp Canberra 2012

Startup Camp Canberra 2012

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