Is your organisation still using desktop accounting software, like MYOB? Does it make you feel happy? No?

Do you have to deal with issues like this on a daily basis?

  • Slow performance
  • Unable to share access with your colleagues
  • Hard to use interface
  • People who need access to financial reports, must rely on you and your access for this information
  • Each financial year you have to take a copy of the system and deliver to your accountant, plus paperwork
  • Installing software updates
  • Having to worry about system backups

Well, Good News!

Here are two great on-line accounting systems which are super-competitively priced, have awesome features, are easy to use, work on mobile AND can integrate with your CiviCRM system, WordPress website or a WordPress shop.

Magical cloud-based integration enables Contacts and Invoices to simply appear (yes, by magic!) in the accounting system without any manual data entry. Yes, you can integrate CiviCRM with the Quickbooks Online 0r Xero accounting systems.

Below is an example of integrating CiviCRM and QuickBooks Online. (Note: This works for CiviCRM and Xero too)

  1. A person visits your website
  2. They like what you do, so make a Donation to your organisation
  3. The credit card payment is processed securely on-line
  4. The person’s details are recorded in CiviCRM as a new Contact
  5. The payment details are recorded in CiviCRM as a new Contribution
  6. CiviCRM QuickBooks integration processes the transaction
  7. A new Contact and Invoice is created in your QuickBooks Online account using the details from CiviCRM
  8. The QuickBooks Online Invoice is now ready for reconciliation
  9. When the payment appears in the bank account, the Invoice is reconciled and the process is complete

This integration and automation reduces the amount of administration required to manually transfer information from one system to another. Reduces likelihood of errors and providing you with more time to focus on more challenging back office tasks which cannot be automated.

My good deed is to free you up from desktop accounting and move to an on-line accounting system. So you can then integrate, automate and celebrate the awesomeness.

Feel free to call Agileware if you want our frank opinion or are interested about how these on-line accounting systems could be integrated for your organisation.

Be courageous and take a look at what on-line accounting has to offer.


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Image by Chi King, Copyright CC.

About the author Justin rotate

Director at Agileware. Justin has been developing and supporting software since the 90s. A strong advocate of free software and good customer service.

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