Australian Web Industry Association

Australian Web Industry Association

Agileware is now a member of the Australian Web Industry Association. AWIA is committed to making the Australian web industry professional and ethical. They also run the Australian Web Awards.

Running a professional, ethical web development studio involves a lot of work in understanding the problems our customers are trying to solve, and constantly improving our skills to be able to help them. Agileware developers participate in local software user groups, share what they’re learning about new design ideas, and look for ways to empower our customers by developing in-house expertise so that simple changes don’t always require a developer to write code. We are working to make our industry better.

One of the ways we’re trying to change the way organisations work with web developers is our Drupal and WordPress Support and Updates service. These subscription services provide our customers with up to 8 hours per month of developer support, for a low fee that can save thousands of dollars per year compared to paying by the hour. It also means that an urgent change doesn’t get delayed by having to approve a quote, and managers don’t have any unexpected costs.

For example, when a critical security patch is released for Drupal, we apply it right away to our customers’ websites and then let them know that we’ve taken action to protect their site. No need for someone to realise their site is at risk and ask for help – we just take care of it. Our support service also covers training for our customers’ new staff, making it easier for our customers to keep their website looking good during staff changes. The bottom line is that our Support and Updates service encourages Agileware to keep our customers’ websites running smoothly and easy-to-update, so we don’t have to spend time fixing problems later.

If you want to find out more about how we can help look after your website, please contact us.

About the author Justin rotate

Director at Agileware. Justin has been developing and supporting software since the 90s. A strong advocate of free software and good customer service.

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