Agileware has updated the bundled Mosaico template, Versafix to the latest version which includes a bunch of fixes and most notably adds three new Social Blocks to the Block Library.

CiviCRM Mosaico also included two demonstration templates which have been a point of confusion for new users, as these templates were never intended to be used at all for composing newsletters. Pretty confusing when they are the first two options to select from! Duh! Well, they’re gone now, so no more confusion. One template to choose from and yes, it’s the correct one.

Just in case you didn’t already know this, but Mosaico is the preferred drag’n drop editor used to build CiviCRM newsletters.

Agileware has incorporated these features into our CiviCRM build which is being pushed out with the CiviCRM 5.16.3 update.

If you have been updated to CiviCRM 5.16.3, then you can try it out right now.

Mosaico Editor screenshot
Mosaico editor screenshot

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