CiviCRM has released a roadmap for future development with a focus on making the user interface more intuitive for CiviCRM users, and easier for CiviCRM developers to customise.

Having a publicly stated plan for where CiviCRM is headed makes it easier for partner organisations to invest in CiviCRM skills, knowing that the future of CiviCRM is in line with what our customers want from a CRM. It also gives CiviCRM users a broad view of where one of their most important business systems is headed.

Things we particularly like in the roadmap:

  • making CiviCRM mobile responsive, so you can update contact information or record activities on your smartphone or tablet;
  • making the user experience more like other popular web applications, so new CiviCRM users find the system easier to learn; and
  • API improvements, which will make it even easier to integrate CiviCRM with other systems such as accounting, email, or office applications.

If your organisation is using CiviCRM, you can show your support by joining the member program.

Agileware is a CiviCRM Supporting Partner, which helps with core CiviCRM development. Agileware also contributes code, such as the eWAY Recurring Payment Processor extension.

About the author Emma rotate

VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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