Agileware are rolling out CiviCRM version 4.6 to our customers now, and there’s a fab new feature that will make it easier to see where your Contacts are located. Mapping Contacts is a great way to work out where to physically locate a meeting venue or shopfront, or see how far your organisation’s geographic reach extends.

Here’s how to use the Map Contacts feature in CiviCRM:

1. First, get a list of the Contacts you want to Map. In the screenshot below, I chose the members of a roller derby team using a Group so I can work out what central venue might suit everyone for training. You might want to use Advanced Search to find Contacts who have used a particular service, have accessibility needs, or are in a particular age group.

Select contacts to map

2. Select the Contacts you want to appear on the map, then choose Map Contacts from the Actions drop-down. Voila! A map 🙂

CiviCRM Contacts on map

You can also show the map as Satellite, handy if you need to see road names etc. You can click on a person icon to see who lives at that location, then click a link to get Google Maps directions to their address. This could be very useful for staff who provide services to clients at home or at the client’s office, or for door-knocks or surveys.

CiviCRM Contacts on satellite map

It is also possible to display a map of a Contact’s location on your website. This could be public information (eg for a Contact who wants their service location listed on a professional association’s website) or members-only information (eg for a mentoring program for your members, or for roller derby team members to find their nearest training venue). Click on the Contact icon on the map to see the address details, and get Google Maps directions to their location.

CiviCRM Contacts on map in web page

If you’d like to find out more about maps in CiviCRM, please contact us.

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VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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