There are many ways that your website can be attacked – some of them even have deceptively cute names (like SMURF attack). The methods used to target DoS attacks are constantly evolving to get around the protections that system administrators put in place, and playing catch-up is hard. The good news is that there’s one easy way to protect your website. Agileware uses CloudFlare to provide improved website performance and constantly evolving protection for our customers’ websites:

CloudFlare Security

CloudFlare can also improve your website’s performance. A typical website can experience 2x the speed, and more than 60% reduction in bandwidth and server requests, simply by switching on CloudFlare. Check out the difference CloudFlare made to the page load speed for the Financial Times:

Rocket Loader™ from CloudFlare on Vimeo.

Read more about CloudFlare’s security benefits, and ask us today about switching this on for your website – it takes just minutes to switch this on for your website.

Image by Lydia, CCBY-2.0

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