Your CRM is only as good as the data entered in it. Make sure you get the best value from CiviCRM by ensuring any new staff have training, and existing users can get a refresher or training in new features. Agileware’s next CiviCRM Remote Training sessions start Thursday 21 July.

Agileware’s CiviCRM Remote Training is a series of 1 to 2 hour sessions on specific topics, provided by an experienced CiviCRM trainer online. The trainer will demonstrate how features work, and attendees can work through exercises with assistance from the trainer. By providing the training in separate sessions for each topic, attendees can pick and choose the sessions that are most useful in their work. This means they can put their learning in one part of CiviCRM into practice before the next training session, which can help in taking in what they’ve learned. Providing the training sessions online also means that attendees outside Canberra can access training, and attendees within Canberra can learn from their desk without having to take a full day out of the office for a training course.

With numbers limited to 5 attendees per session, each attendee has time to ask questions and work through the exercises with assistance from Agileware’s trainer. But it also means sessions can book out quickly, so do register now!

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VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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