One of the useful things about sending email newsletters from CiviCRM is that it’s easier to get a holistic picture of how you interact with your clients when all the data is in one place. I can search for all the people who clicked on a link to the 12 March roller derby game in last week’s newsletter, filter out all the people who’ve already bought their tickets, and send a reminder email to the rest so they don’t miss out.

You know what’s not fun in CiviCRM? Laying out an email newsletter template. This is why the Mailchimp integration exists – so you can send email newsletters that are easy to put together in Mailchimp, and use your CiviCRM Groups as a mailing list. But you can’t then search CiviCRM for all the people who live in Canberra¬†AND have opened at least one newsletter this year AND have kids in their household to invite them¬†to join the Junior league.

So I was overcome with all the happy emotions when I saw this video for a new way of laying out CiviMail email newsletters, coming soon (hopefully!) to CiviCRM:

Drag and drop, no fussing with nested HTML tables. It’s still in Alpha release, which means there are still bugs to be squished. But we’ll be keen to install it and test it out as soon as we can!

In the meantime, if email newsletter templates are giving you a headache, call us and we’ll help you fix it.

About the author Emma rotate

VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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