If your organisation provides services to clients using funding from the Department of Social Services, you will need to start providing data on your clients through the DSS Data Exchange (DSS DEX). Full information on the new reporting system is on the DSS website, but here’s the short version:

  • Data can be manually entered through the Web Portal provided by DSS, or you can reduce administrative workload by having it automatically uploaded to DSS DEX by whatever systems you already use in your organisation.
  • DSS DEX has a set of mandatory data requirements (eg client birth date, gender, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status). There is also a set of optional data requirements that you can choose to provide to DSS DEX if you want to make use of their reporting tools.

Some programs are not collecting all the data needed to report to DSS DEX right now. If that is the case for your programs, we can help you work out what data you need to collect, and how to do it with as little administrative work for your staff as possible.

We can also do the development work needed to upload data directly to DSS DEX, which means your staff can focus on delivering services to clients instead of completing DSS reports in their Web Portal.

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