The CiviCRM Remote Training schedule for November has been sent to all active CiviCRM Support subscribers. So check your email and talk with your team about attending. Build up your CiviCRM skills with quick and effective training at your desk.

CiviCRM Remote Training is spread over a number of days in short sessions. Allowing for breaks between training sessions enables attendees to apply what they have learned in their work environment, and bring new questions to the next session. Choose the topics you need to learn, in 2 hour sessions. For most users, four sessions will cover everything they need to know for their everyday work. Spread your training out so you have time to put your skills into practice between sessions.

If your organisation is not an active CiviCRM Support subscriber, we can create a customised CiviCRM Remote Training plan or deliver training at your premises, please contact us for a quote.

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