News website Forbes has discovered that the supposedly secure online portal for Mossack Fonseca may have been running on a version of Drupal that was three years out of date:

“That critical vulnerability has been open for more than two-and-a-half years on Mossack Fonseca’s site. It remains a valid route for hackers to get more data from the firm and its customers. On its site, the company claims: “Your information has never been safer than with Mossack Fonseca’s secure Client Portal.” That boast now looks somewhat misguided.”

Mossack Fonseca also had a version of WordPress for their main company website that was three months out of date.

Installing software updates regularly is important to keep your website secure, whether that’s because you need to protect confidential information in a private members-only website, or because you just don’t want hackers to make a mess of your organisation’s public face on the internet.

Agileware’s Drupal and WordPress Support and Updates services can take care of this for you. Contact us and make sure you’re covered.

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