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Upgrading to a newer version of your CMS doesn’t have to be painful. ER Strategies’ new Drupal 7 website launched today, and the process has been quick and efficient.

And when we say quick, we mean a couple of weeks. Because your time is better spent focused on your actual business than on what’s going on with a website project.

The new ER Strategies website has a responsive theme that looks great on mobile, tablet, or desktop. While we were upgrading the CMS, we also applied a new theme consistent with their current branding.

With support for older versions of PHP used in Drupal 6 websites coming to an end, upgrading to Drupal 7 is important to ensure websites remain functional into the future. But hey, if you’re going to the effort of updating the software, a fresh new look can make it even better!

About the author Emma rotate

VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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