The Drupal Mentored Training is self-paced and in-depth Drupal Developer curriculum which includes on site mentoring by an experienced Agileware Software Engineer. You get to learn at your own pace and focus on the Drupal development topics which are relevant and of interest to you.

The training curriculum is delivered using a video presentation direct to each attendee. You watch and listen to the instructor in the video and then perform the exercises for the lesson. If you miss a step or get confused, no problems – just rewind the video presentation and re-watch the lesson again.

The Drupal training video curriculum is based on Drupal 7 and includes:

  • Building Your First Drupal Web Site
  • Drupal Development Core Concepts
  • Drupal Theming Essentials
  • Working with Files and the File API
  • And more!

Drupal Mentored Training allows you to take control of your learning experience, remain engaged with the subject matter and learn at your own pace. If you know a topic already, then you can just skip ahead to the next one!

Included with the Drupal Mentored Training is a 6 month subscription to the Drupal training video curriculum to enable attendees to continue learning Drupal.

Learn more and register now for the Drupal Mentored Training.

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Director at Agileware. Justin has been developing and supporting software since the 90s. A strong advocate of free software and good customer service.

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