Drupal continues to work on the Next Big Thing in Drupal-land. Drupal 8 has another beta release due out on 17 June 2015, and there are now only 20-ish issues still to be resolved. They’ve also just completed some usability testing, including mobile content creation.

If you’re still using Drupal 6, please talk to us about moving to Drupal 7 now. Drupal 6 relies on an older version of PHP that is no longer supported – it’s a bit like driving an old car that nobody is making spare parts for, but without the retro cool look. If you’re already using Drupal 7, great! Drupal 8 is still a long way from a stable release into production, and you won’t need to upgrade anytime soon. What is interesting about watching the Drupal 8 beta releases is the increased focus on mobile users – both website visitors and content creators – and improved user experience for content authors. These are things that we can help you with right now – talk to us if you’d like to make your website easier for your content authors to work with.

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