CiviCRM version 4.7 is due for release on 27 January 2016, and the new Long Term Support version will become 4.6 (more on LTS versions and deciding which one is best for you).

UPDATE: We’re planning to demonstrate the new features at CiviDay 2016 – do come check it out!

If you’re an Agileware CiviCRM Support & Updates customer, you need to make a decision soon. Otherwise, you’ll stay on version 4.6 and won’t have access to the new features in version 4.7.

Here are some of the new features in 4.7:

  • Improved user interface for finding and merging duplicate Contacts.
  • Search by Age added to Advanced Search (more intuitive than searching by date of birth).
  • The rich text editor is being improved to be more like what you’re used to in your Drupal website.
  • An admin status page to tell you the most important things about your CiviCRM system, and run commands such as clearing cache.
  • Payment processor improvements, such as allowing recurring payments using non-credit card methods.
  • Improved reports for contributions and activities.
  • Lots of bug fixes!

More information on what’s in 4.7 and links to a demo version.

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VP of Client Happiness at Agileware. Emma is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector and ensuring that customer requirements are delivered.

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